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Three lame reasons for missing work


With unemployment rate threatening to tear this nation apart, calling in sick or taking unplanned time off has fallen out of fashion. That’s right. There are legitimate reasons to miss work, like when your spouse is unwell, or you have to attend Sports Day at your child’s school. On a few occasions, employees actually genuinely fall ill and are unable to report to work.

Here are the not-so-good reasons to miss work:

1. Hangovered? Your organisation and co-workers shouldn’t have to pick up the slack for your good time.Take a shower, have a strong cup of coffee, and suck it up… and vow to make better decisions on work nights, for everyone’s sake.

2. Bad weather, really? If the weather is not severe enough to close roads, schools and businesses, please get an umbrella, attire yourself in something extra cheerful and get yourself to work.

3. So you killed your relative: It goes without saying that you should never use this excuse if it isn’t true.

Lying about a death in the family is a particularly intolerable lie, and if you’re found out, others will forever wonder about your character and ethics.


I made theft suspect eat grass- Kitui witchdoctor

A man alleged to have stolen Sh4,000 from his employer shocked residents after he started eating grass.

It was claimed that his employer sought the services of a famous witchdoctor in the area, Anne Mutheu, who cast a spell on the thief.



Mutheu, whose services have been on demand, said this was a lesson to teach all the thieves in the area.

She said she would treat the culprit if he personally came and confessed.

“I want to tell those who steal and kill that their days are numbered. They must be prepared to be named and shamed so that the public can get to know them,” Mutheu warned.  Apparently, this is not the first time such an incident has happened in the area.